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Our People

Our strength comes from our people. We strive to create a working environment which will mobilize the energy, talent and creativity of each individual and working group in the entire organization. This requires a high degree of trust and openness towards change throughout the organization. We conduct and guide all organizational behavior according to the four-way test–

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  3. Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICAL to all concerned?

We are committed to recognizing and rewarding great performance in our organizations and have annually awarded over $60,000 to recognize significant milestones in individual performance, leadership and innovation. Key milestone accomplishments recognized include safety awards for accident free years, number of years without a non-scheduled sick day off, number of years of service, and innovation awards.

We are committed to sharing in the growth and success of the organization through a quarterly profit sharing program. Individuals are also recognized on a daily or weekly basis with gift certificates or sporting event tickets for their outstanding performance.

But we also want to have fun. To facilitate this we coordinate quarterly fun events ranging from movies or bowling to family picnics. Why not a free lunch? We do that to. Twice a month we have a member of the management team, host a lunchtime barbeque, serving up lunch for the entire organization.

Developing Young Minds/Jobs For Youth

By providing entry level employment, we offer young people a unique opportunity to develop skills, leadership, confidence, saftey, and responsibility. We also recognize the value of education. We accommodate post-secondary students with flexible hours as well as financing extensive formal training for our employees. BW Creative Wood trains a high percentage of skilled people, promotes from within, apprentices tradesmen, and takes an active role in developing curriculum with local trades schools. Our bright, energetic employees are one of our greatest assests. Our commitment to saftey is priority one.

What Makes Us So Successful?

Our distinctive excellence lies in an aggressive young team, committed to continuous improvement, in a modern, efficient, integrated facility, armed with the most current technology, located at the source of raw material, striving to exceed each and every customer’s needs and expectations. We have the ability to service customers quickly with product flexibility and production efficiency. In essence, our excellence lies in our climate, our people and in our hearts.

Supporting Community

We are a proud and active member of our local community and the greater community. Through corporate and employee contributions, volunteer hours, and community events, BW Creative Wood raises funds that offer support to a diverse group of programs and institutions, representing investment in our local community, sports, health services and the environment. As a winner of the “Best Business Recycler Award” from the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society we have taken a leadership role in our community. We have made significant contributions to and supported:

  • Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation
  • BC Children Hospital
  • Friends in Need
  • Rick Hansen Foundation
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC
  • Big Brothers
  • Pacific Salmon Foundation
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay for the Kids
  • Room to Read
  • Many more personal charities

What our people are saying and doing…

Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay for the Kids
“It’s incredibly fun. We have a blast together and it all goes to help raise money for children with disabilities”…Nancy Yeomans, BW Creative Wood Industries Ltd

Children’s Hospital
“I know first hand the great work the doctors at Children’s Hospital do and I am very grateful for the tools they have at their disposal. That's the motivation behind me personally raising $500 for the Children’s Hospital through a football pool” …Aaron Gelowitz, BW Creative Wood Industries Ltd

Room to Read
“It’s amazing and inspiring that our contribution meant that an entire school house with books, desks and supplies will be built where there was nothing. It is true that small acts can change the world”…Rob Mitchell, BW Creative Wood Industries Ltd.



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